Today's digital cameras are producing larger and larger files. Even when the first digital cameras made their way into the consumers hands they were capable of 1 to 2 mega pixel pictures. The files produced were already quite large when it comes to uploading over the Internet, especially if you are not on a high speed connection. The fact of the matter is though, you do not need such large files for viewing images on your computer. Only if you plan to print do you need images over 1 mega pixel. SoKo classifieds have an upload file size limit to conserve resources on the servers. In order to convert your images to an appropriate file size some type of software is needed. However, there is no need to rush out and buy any commercial software just to be able to convert your images to an upload friendly size. Public licensed free software is available for download at This excellent image editing software will not only resize images it will do plenty more.

Another simple way to resize your images and picture for easy upload is online. This website supports up to 6 mega pixel file sizes and also supports most popular formats:


Watch for scams on classified ad websites. Deal only with local people and meet them in person. Remember the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". This may sound cliché but it could save you from being ripped off. Googling "online scams" or "classified ad scams" will give you a whole book worth of information of what to watch out for.