Why Free Classifieds?

ClassifiedsSoKo Classifieds is a world wide classified ads which is totally free for the buyer or the seller. Each city or area has it's own unique set of ads specific to that locale. A large number of used items or services don't lend well to shipping or simply don't make sense to advertise to an audience from a distant geographic area. Our goal is to have a unique free classifieds for every city and town world wide.

The used marketplace is not only a great way to make or save some extra money, it is also a 'green' market place. One mans garbage is another mans treasure has never held so much importance as it does in our time of dwindling resources and ecological challenges. An online service such as SoKo free Classifieds should not cost the buyer or the seller to partake in this environmentally friendly practice.

We also aim to keep things simple. Registration is quick and easy and we require little information to get you up and rolling. We encourage sellers to upload images with your ads as it increases sales very positively. The abundance of digital cameras makes this possible for almost anyone. Even if you don't own a digital camera you probably know someone who does!

So why not get started today and find a bargain in someone elses used goods, clear out some of that clutter, make some room in your garage, put a little money in your pocket and keep the cycle in re-cycle going.